• Papua New Guinea
  • Twisties Cheese & Bongo Chicken Flavoured Snack – Papua New Guinea

    #Snacks from #PapuaNewGuinea (made in #PNG too). I’m usually not a fan of any rings or curls or whatever they call them. Both #cheese-flavored #Twisties and #chicken-flavored #Bongo rings turned out to be insanely #addictive! Rating: 8/10. It’s worth mentioning I was a little #drunk when consuming these… #travel #chips #crisps #potatochips #cornchips #goroka #junkfood

  • Colombia
  • Margarita Pollo Chicken – Colombia

    Hello from #Cartagena, #Colombia! These are the weirdest-tasting #chicken-flavored #chips I’ve ever tried in my life! They either have a touch of gasoline or a strange spice which I’m not sure where came from (I know I have an analogous one in my Moroccan spice box). I mean, chicken #potatochips ARE NOT weird, but these really really are. Australia, you do it better. Rating: 5/10. Btw, as you can see from the logo, Margarita is the #Colombian equivalent of #Lays/#Walkers. #crisps #pollo #junkfood #fritolay

  • The Netherlands
  • Lay’s Spicy Reggae Chicken – Thank You, But No, Thank You


    I expected so much more after seeing the commercial. It’s hard to believe that this unimpressive flavor won the Maak de Smaak competition (Dutch equivalent of the American Do Us a Flavor). But to be honest, other flavors – Aioli e Aglio and Whiskey Cocktail – didn’t seem particularly impressive either. Whiskey Cocktail was slightly better and, unfortunately, I haven’t tried the Aioli e Aglio flavor – such a pity!

    I even bought the Lay’s Spicy Reggae Chicken TWICE to make 100% sure there’s nothing special about them. These are the kind of chips I’d buy for my party when I don’t want to be tempted to eat all the snacks. They’re not THAT bad, so nobody’s going to complain. They’re simply boring. And my husband agrees with me.

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 5.5/10.

  • France
  • Lay’s Saveur Poulet Rôti et Thym – the French do It Better, but Lay’s Don’t

    lays_vistienaWhen it comes to food, the French always seek good quality and are a little picky, which God forbid, shouldn’t be seen as a negative quality. These features, along with their great taste for pretty much everything, makes Frenchmen stand out from the rest of the world and quite frankly, they make the most of us look like hopeless amateurs. In short, the French simply do it better.

    Speaking about Lay’s Saveur Poulet Rôti et Thym (Roasted Chicken and Thyme), the seasoning was really nice and matched the one of a real chicken with thyme (in terms of how close you can get to the taste of a main course of a French dinner on a potato chip). I think the spices would have tasted better on a chip of a higher quality… probably on a kettle cooked variety. For all I know, France has a lot of great food to offer, and I guess, supermarket shelves are not the best place to look for it. Cheap snacking isn’t exactly their scene, so when you’re there, you should probably pay a visit to a local boulangerie and get a buttery croissant instead.

    Bought in Paris, France.

    My rating: 7/10.