• The Netherlands
  • Lay’s Whiskey Cocktail – Kinda Meh, Kinda OK


    This flavor didn’t win the Maak de Smaak contest, but it was probably a tiny bit better than the winner. I kind of like the Whiskey Cocktail sauce, but I woudn’t say it tastes amazing on chips. The best part about the product was the smell. Lovely. Unfortunately, you can’t do much with that (unless you’re using your potato chip bag as an oxygen mask).

    The taste was… ummm… tomato-ish. That wasn’t the best tomato though. A Dutch one, I guess (they taste like cardboard). There was a hint of an onion too.

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 6/10.

  • The Netherlands
  • Lay’s Spicy Reggae Chicken – Thank You, But No, Thank You


    I expected so much more after seeing the commercial. It’s hard to believe that this unimpressive flavor won the Maak de Smaak competition (Dutch equivalent of the American Do Us a Flavor). But to be honest, other flavors – Aioli e Aglio and Whiskey Cocktail – didn’t seem particularly impressive either. Whiskey Cocktail was slightly better and, unfortunately, I haven’t tried the Aioli e Aglio flavor – such a pity!

    I even bought the Lay’s Spicy Reggae Chicken TWICE to make 100% sure there’s nothing special about them. These are the kind of chips I’d buy for my party when I don’t want to be tempted to eat all the snacks. They’re not THAT bad, so nobody’s going to complain. They’re simply boring. And my husband agrees with me.

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 5.5/10.