• McClure’s Bloody Mary – All You Need Is a Bloody Mary?


    I was so happy and surprised to stumble upon McClure’s potato chips again! I tried (and reviewed) their Dill Pickle flavored chips in New York a couple of years ago. Later, I saw they had a new addition to their chips: Bloody Mary flavor. I knew I won’t be able to try it until I’m back in the States again. A few weeks later, I randomly found them in a health food store in Sydney. Call it luck, call it fate, call it karma? LOL.

    I’m the biggest fan of both Marys and pickles, BTW.

    These are not the first Bloody Mary-flavored chips in my chip eating career. But I think it’s the first time they do taste like an actual Bloody Mary. And that’s the kind of Mary I like – with some pickle brine in it. The flavor works really well on a kettle-cooked chip. Attempts by other brands tasted more like tomato flavor, which obviously is not a tragedy either, but a ballsy Bloody Mary is not just tomatoes and salt.

    Bought in Sydney, Australia (product of the US).

    My rating: 9/10.

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  • McClure’s Garlic Dill Pickle – When Two Become One


    Everything about this brand is just simple, elegant and so NYC. I learned about McClure’s Pickles at some flea market in Brooklyn. I literally want to buy EVERYTHING from their online store, but unfortunately they ship within the U.S. only (and I live in the forgotten place called Europe). There are three things in the world that I love the most: chips, pickles, and Bloody Marys. McClure’s Pickles brand happens to have all three of them. And I can’t even buy a bloody Bloody Mary Mix without having to jump on a flight, for god’s sake.

    Since I’m a fan of pickles and chips, imagine what is going on in my mouth when I eat the combination of the two. Pickle-flavored chips are indeed one of my favorite treats. And McClure’s Garlic Dill Pickle chips are one the best in their category: crunchy, briny, garlicky and salty (but not too salty). Certainly better than Lay’s Dill Pickle and also, when I think about it, I think I prefer a crinkle cut. I can picture them as the perfect side for just about anything. I also love the simplicity in McClure’s packaging design.

    Read their story HERE and the crazy story about how they expanded their business into potato chip market can be found HERE. I honestly think they should open a restaurant.

    Bought and eaten in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

    My rating: 8.5/10.