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  • Smith’s Salt & Vinegar

    These are even better! #SaltandVinegar #chips have never been my favorite, but the ones by #Smiths are just too good! Perfectly salted and with the right amount of #vinegar (not too much). Probably my favorite of the kind. Rating: 9/10. #crisps #potatochips #Lays #walkers #junkfood #closetchipsin

  • USA
  • The New Yorker by Herr’s – Every Other Original Chip


    I bought The New Yorker chips because of the packaging – yes, I love New York in a stupid, touristy way. I guess I kinda liked the price too… Oh, by the way, the chips weren’t even made in New York. No, not in China either. In fact, they were made in Pennsylvania – the home of Herr’s (I think). Thin, a bit greasy, with an OK amount of salt. In short, it’s just another bag of potato chips. No surprises, no disappointments. Nothing good or bad can be said. Probably most of you wouldn’t spot a difference between them and regular Herr’s with salt. Many wouldn’t tell the difference between them and Classic Lay’s or ______ (fill in the blank).

    Bought and eaten in New York City, New York.

    My rating: 6/10.

    *I’m not so bad, actually.

  • The Netherlands
  • Albert Heijn Aardappel Crisps – Potatoes Potahtoes


    Much better than expected – remember, this is a supermarket brand. There was only one problem with Albert Heijn’s creation (of course Albert Heijn didn’t actually create the chips himself, he’s dead now). All of the chips, no matter what potato they were made of, tasted very very alike. Well, I guess a potato is a potato after all, since Lady Rosetta tasted just as good as the sweet potato did. But this doesn’t change the fact that their flavor was very close to that of the expensive gourmet chips. Recommended for those who prefer healthier options, but don’t want to compromise flavor (everyone?).

    Bought in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 7.5/10.