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  • Masterpiece Sour Cream And Onion

    #SourCream and Purple #Onion (#redonion??) flavor by #Taffel Masterpiece was another great treat. Do red onions have more acidity compared to white onions? I don’t know but I like the result. The kettle-cooked chip itself was sensational. Taffel Masterpiece, you rock my world! Rating: 8/10. #chips #crisps #potatochips #potatocrisps #taffelchips #junkfood #sourcreamandonion

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  • Estrella Countryside Sourcream & Onion – My First Love


    How clever! It became very common to add ‘countryside’ or other appealing word to well-known flavors of chips. Like ‘Backyard BBQ’ instead of simple ‘BBQ’. Estrella’s Countryside Sourcream & Onion chips have been known forever as Sour Cream & Onion chips. Everyone is trying to trick us these days…

    The good thing about them is that they’re not your regular sour cream and onion chips. There are millions of kinds out there, but none of them taste like these (or maybe I should just dig deeper… somewhere in Scandinavia). They’re a bit more sour and have greater acidity. They are also slightly saltier. All these factors make me want them more. Blindfolded, you can tell you’re eating Estrella. Sadly, I’m not sure if I even want look at them. But that’s only because I used to have them way too often.

    Bought and eaten in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    My rating: 7.5/10.

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  • Utz Sour Cream and Onion – At Least They’re Cheap

    utzThat was a one-dollar dinner for two in the city of lights, rats and cockroaches – New York City. Certainly not the best dinner I’ve ever had, but probably one of the cheapest ones and, to be honest, I was pretty happy with it.

    I must have been REALLY hungry.

    The texture of the chips was a little weird (or should I say cheap), but that’s typical for Utz, so nothing was really out of place. This also made them a bit greasier compared to most other brands (but they do have a reduced fat version). Maybe it’s a good thing to be different. Sometimes. Not sure if that’s the case for Utz… Anyhow, the texture of Utz chips is what makes them Utz and I’m pretty sure that’s what their fans love about the brand.

    Sour Cream & Onion is one of the most popular varieties of chips out there, and for a good reason! That’s the flavor most of us like. Unfortunately, Utz’s product is not the best in its category. But at least it’s cheap. So just get a bag of Utz when you’re broke and hungry. It’s a decent treat for pigs on a budget.

    Bought and eaten in Brooklyn, NY.

    My rating: 6/10.