• Ruffles Loaded Chili & Cheese – Thumbs Up (Pretty Much)

    rufflesThe description on the packaging reads: “You know that dream where all your favorite food is piled high and ready to go? It’s not a dream. It’s Ruffles Loaded Chili & Cheese flavor. Chili? Check. Cheese? Heck yeah. Onions and peppers. Bingo. Now put all that on a chip. Pinch yourself, you’re really awake. Okay, now hit yourself. Oh well, it was worth a shot.” That immediately touched my spirit.

    I always liked Ruffles – they’re a classic from my childhood that will never let me down. When I have a choice, Ruffles or Lay’s, I will probably go for Ruffles. Compared to other popular brands, Ruffles give me way more of that mouth-watering pleasure. When it comes to cheese, they’re cheesier; when it comes to smoky BBQ, they’re smokier. I also love the fact that the chips are usually large in size.

    Speaking about Ruffles Loaded Chili & Cheese, everything seems to be in its place. The chili is there and the cheese is simply fucking awesome. People at Ruffles do know what they’re doing when it comes to cheese powder.

    Unfortunately, Ruffles, like other chips made by a giant company, make you feel a little sick when you consume too many. That is the only disadvantage that comes to my mind right now. It’s because of one thing they’re lacking. That thing is called QUALITY. Thankfully for them, most of the mainstream brands (Frito-Lay included) know: using the mentioned SECRET INGREDIENT wouldn’t be very profitable… That’s why they don’t.

    To sum up, chips produced by mega-brands will never be as good as a chips produced locally by hipsters on some English farm. Amen.

    Bought and eaten in Los Angeles, CA.

    My rating: 7/10.

  • The Netherlands
  • Cofresh Hummus Chips Tomato & Basil – Hummus, Really?

    hummusCofresh are based in the UK and they specialize in Indian and ethnic snacks. They also have lentil chips (I haven’t tried those yet). I don’t care about gluten, but it’s probably worth mentioning that Cofresh snacks are gluten-free. Yay.

    Now let’s get to the review… Hummus chips? Wait, what? How? I had no idea anything like that could possibly exist. After reading the packaging, I realized that the chips are made from chickpeas, NOT hummus. Liars! Hummus is a SPREAD that could be used as a dip for your chips, but hardly as a chip. The name should be more specific and simply say ‘chickpea chips’. I liked them, yes, but I would never call them ‘hummus chips’. Even something as dumb as ‘chickpea salad chips’ would be closer to reality.

    On the positive side, they tasted pretty good and were quite satisfying. No complaints towards the seasoning. It’s a strong 7, really. They will never become my favorite, but they’re a good option for those of you who feel like it’s time to make a few changes in your chip eating habits (not likely to happen in my case).

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 7/10.

  • The Netherlands
  • Lay’s Harvest Garlic & Sea Salt – Thank You

    harvest_laysI was so excited after finally spotting something new at my local supermarket. It’s been literally AGES. Garlic & Sea Salt is one of the two Lay’s Harvest flavors available (of course they might be selling some other flavors somewhere else, who knows) and the one I liked better (the other one will be reviewed in the near future).

    Well, I can tell you, from the bottom of my potato-chip-crumb-covered heart, it was my discovery of the week that week. The saltiness was just right, the aroma was garlicky and fresh, the texture of the chip was somewhat gourmet. All that combined tasted just incredible. My favorite part about them is they don’t taste like cheap junk food. The typical Lay’s greasiness is all gone. Good job, Lay’s! Recommended to anyone.

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 9/10.

  • USA
  • Utz Sour Cream and Onion – At Least They’re Cheap

    utzThat was a one-dollar dinner for two in the city of lights, rats and cockroaches – New York City. Certainly not the best dinner I’ve ever had, but probably one of the cheapest ones and, to be honest, I was pretty happy with it.

    I must have been REALLY hungry.

    The texture of the chips was a little weird (or should I say cheap), but that’s typical for Utz, so nothing was really out of place. This also made them a bit greasier compared to most other brands (but they do have a reduced fat version). Maybe it’s a good thing to be different. Sometimes. Not sure if that’s the case for Utz… Anyhow, the texture of Utz chips is what makes them Utz and I’m pretty sure that’s what their fans love about the brand.

    Sour Cream & Onion is one of the most popular varieties of chips out there, and for a good reason! That’s the flavor most of us like. Unfortunately, Utz’s product is not the best in its category. But at least it’s cheap. So just get a bag of Utz when you’re broke and hungry. It’s a decent treat for pigs on a budget.

    Bought and eaten in Brooklyn, NY.

    My rating: 6/10.

  • France
  • Lay’s Saveur Poulet Rôti et Thym – the French do It Better, but Lay’s Don’t

    lays_vistienaWhen it comes to food, the French always seek good quality and are a little picky, which God forbid, shouldn’t be seen as a negative quality. These features, along with their great taste for pretty much everything, makes Frenchmen stand out from the rest of the world and quite frankly, they make the most of us look like hopeless amateurs. In short, the French simply do it better.

    Speaking about Lay’s Saveur Poulet Rôti et Thym (Roasted Chicken and Thyme), the seasoning was really nice and matched the one of a real chicken with thyme (in terms of how close you can get to the taste of a main course of a French dinner on a potato chip). I think the spices would have tasted better on a chip of a higher quality… probably on a kettle cooked variety. For all I know, France has a lot of great food to offer, and I guess, supermarket shelves are not the best place to look for it. Cheap snacking isn’t exactly their scene, so when you’re there, you should probably pay a visit to a local boulangerie and get a buttery croissant instead.

    Bought in Paris, France.

    My rating: 7/10.

  • UK
  • Mackie’s of Scotland Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper – No Need to Be Scottish to Like This

    haggisHaggis is a traditional Scottish dish – it’s kind of a sausage made from the liver, heart, and lungs of a sheep. Yikes! The ingredients are chopped and mixed with beef or mutton suet and oatmeal and seasoned with different spices. I know it all sounds really gross, but it’s pretty amazing when done properly (I already tried the real thing!).

    Haggis flavored chips by Mackie’s are the only kind I’ve tried by the brand so far and all I can say is WOW. Mackie’s of Scotland managed to create an extraordinary, original chip. I received them as a gift from friends living in Edinburgh (along with a bottle of Scotch, of course). I couldn’t stop eating them and didn’t want to share them with anyone.

    The texture of the potato chip is superb – crunchy and quite thick, but not too hard. In short, they’re just perfect. I’m not a big fan of extremely thin and greasy chips, nor am I a fan of chips that make me worry about my teeth. The generous amount of seasoning is as amazing. Like it usually happens, the chips taste more like Haggis seasoning rather than the dish itself. But this time, I don’t even care, they’re perfect anyway.

    Bought in Edinburgh, UK.

    My rating: 9.5/10.

  • The Netherlands
  • Doritos Pure Paprika – No Suprises

    doritos_paprikaDoritos NL don’t have any particularly impressive flavors, but at least they don’t disappoint. When there’s absolutely nothing new on the shelves of my local supermarket or I can’t decide what kind of chips I want that evening, I just go for any Doritos. It’s always a satisfactory pigging out experience. Pure Paprika is not my favorite kind, but I still like to have it sometimes (or when others are unavailable). The flavor is rich, salty, and not too spicy. I love licking seasoning off them!

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 7/10.

  • USA
  • Herr’s Classic American Hot Dog – Another Attempt to Do the Impossible

    lassic_american_hot_dogAnother attempt to make potato chips taste like a certain dish. All the attempts seem to be facing very similar problems – the creations taste like condiments you put on those dishes, rather than the dishes that are meant to be recreated. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in my opinion, that’s the problem with the most, if not all, pizza and burger flavored chips out there. Speaking about the flavor of these particular ones, it’s not easy to understand what they are actually supposed to taste like. Sausage, mustard, or ketchup maybe? Perhaps something in between? If I was blindfolded, I would probably think someone was feeding me a weird mustard-ketchup-something sauce-flavored chip.

    I still kinda liked the them though – the texture, the saltiness, and the nasty junkfoodiness. Dear Mr. Herr, next time please don’t forget to add a bun to the flavor. That’s an important part of a hot dog. I also NEED pickles and onions on it. Thanks.

    Bought and eaten in Daytona Beach, FL.

    My rating: 7/10.

  • The Netherlands
  • Albert Heijn Aardappel Crisps – Potatoes Potahtoes


    Much better than expected – remember, this is a supermarket brand. There was only one problem with Albert Heijn’s creation (of course Albert Heijn didn’t actually create the chips himself, he’s dead now). All of the chips, no matter what potato they were made of, tasted very very alike. Well, I guess a potato is a potato after all, since Lady Rosetta tasted just as good as the sweet potato did. But this doesn’t change the fact that their flavor was very close to that of the expensive gourmet chips. Recommended for those who prefer healthier options, but don’t want to compromise flavor (everyone?).

    Bought in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 7.5/10.