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Addicted To Potato Chips

I’ve been eating around searching for the best potato chips for almost twenty years now; you can also say that I am addicted to potato chips. I’ve tried so many of them, had I saved all the packets eaten in a basement somewhere, I would probably be able to feed the hungry of the world.

My food philosophy was always quite simple – the saltier and spicier, the better. What tastes better than a crunchy, flavorful and savory potato chip? That’s right – an entire bag of chips! Who cares about cakes, candies and chocolate when our supermarkets are packed with such a wide variety of chips, including barbecue, salt & vinegar, lime & pepper, chili, sour cream & chives, sweet chili sauce & sour cream, ketchup, paprika, bolognese, ham… Actually, anything you can think of! Not to forget millions of the so-called healthy options. Literally, all the exotic tastes of the world (like, bull testicles) can be found in a packet of chips!

Unfortunately, some people may be a little judgmental about your eating habits. Or a lot. Especially in the current gluten-free, organic, free range, fair-trade, local and whatever food era. That’s why I’ve created this site. It’s like an AA meeting but with chip eating highlights instead of alcohol drinking lowlights. Here we can share our potato chip* intelligence with other potato chip addicts. Which chips are worth their salt? You tell me.

P.S. I am currently on a round-the-world trip and I’m posting most of the potato chips on my @ClosetChipsin Instagram account. Feel free to have a look at @stundziene for my personal travel updates.

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