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  • San Nicasio Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Himalayan Pink Slat – Spain

    These #Spanish #chips are pretty damn #fancy! #OliveOil, #himalayansalt, #noadditives and all that jazz. On the oily side, salted (too) lightly (I added extra salt and it was fine). Quality and pretty #delicious, but nothing to write home about. Rating: 7/10. #spain #crisps #junkfood #potatochips #sannicasio #handcooked #extravirgin #piegodecórdoba #cordoba #cordobaspain

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  • Torres Sparking Wine – Spain

    ? for the bday girl! These are on the crazier side. I don’t like mixing booze with food – maybe that’s why. Gross sweetness, good chip, yummy salty finish. Extra point for the candy that pops in your mouth as an ingredient. Rating: 6/10. Product of #Spain. #chips #crisps #potatochips #torres #torreschips #sparklingwine #torresselecta #papasfritas #patatasfritas

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  • Lay’s Gambas al Ajillo – What a Strange Encounter


    A friend brought me these from Spain. Yes, everyone has to bring me chips from wherever they visit. No one’s allowed in my house otherwise. Just kidding (not really).

    You wouldn’t believe this, but Lay’s Gambas al Ajillo are probably the weirdest tasting chips I’ve ever put in my digestive system. I’m telling you – this flavor is nothing like your regular prawn cocktail or prawn crackers. Honestly, I just couldn’t decide whether I love them or utterly hate them. It’s like being in a freelance relationship with John Mayer. He sucks, but you can’t resist seeing him just one more time.

    I think they taste like sea.

    Bought in Madrid, Spain; eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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  • Lay’s Mojito – Simply Disgusting


    What have you done, people at Lay’s? One must be crazy to even consider selling these. Imagine how a potato covered in sugar, mint and a little salt tastes like. This won’t be even close to the awfulness of the Mojito flavored chips. My friend tried one chip and was close to throwing the entire bag away. We didn’t know it was possible for a potato chip to taste this awful. I stopped my friend and continue the taste test, or should I call it a tongue abusing journey? I’m pretty sure they’d be MUCH better without any sugar added.

    Bought in Spain.

    My rating: 1/10 (not 0/10, because no potato chip deserves to be a zero).