• Lay’s Kettle Cooked Lattice Cut Aged Cheddar & Black Pepper – I’m Excited


    I’m becoming a bit obsessed with Lattice Cut chips by Lay’s. I love the fact that they have enough flavor to eat them on their own, but at the same time, thanks to this clever cut, they’re also perfect for dipping. Some are slightly better than others though. So far, my favorite flavor from the line is Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt. The ones I’m about to review are not as exciting as their garlicky relatives, but are still on the pretty impressive side.

    The cheesy part of Aged Cheddar & Black Pepper seasoning is addictive and it’s pretty interesting to have it with all the black pepper. The black pepper flavor is very strong. I’m not sure if the chips need so much of it. Anyhow, that’s the part that only makes them even more fascinating. I think I would prefer a different type of pepper in this combo though. Possibly jalapeño, whereas black pepper would probably work better with some sort of white cheese.

    I still really enjoyed eating them and my partner in crime loved them too.

    Bought in Honolulu, HI.

    My rating: 8/10.

  • New Zealand
  • Copper Kettle Chips Vintage Cheddar & Red Onion – Fancy and Irresistible


    Paradise on a potato chip. The flavor seemed very familiar to me – I think they also have it in the UK. Kettle? Walkers Sensations? Oh, who cares? Just go and get it.

    These are not your regular cheese and onion potato chips. This stuff is better and sexier than shaved foie gras on a bed of onions. You know you can trust me. Need more convincing? Sorry, that’s as good as it gets. *shuts the door and goes to a supermarket*

    Bought in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    My rating: 9/10.