• Mexico
  • Sabritas Receta Crujiente Jalapeño Flavored – Mexico

    #KettleCooked, #jalapeño-flavored #Sabritas (aka #lays) are quite #spicy and really really #sour. Mexicans do like their lime. It’s rarely mentioned on the packaging, but pretty much all #Mexican #chips have some #lime on them. #Tasty, but you can’t eat a lot of them. Rating: 7/10. Bought in #PlayaDelCarmen, #Mexico. #crujiente #crisps #junkfood #potatochips #closetchipsin

  • The Netherlands
  • Mrs. Kerr Best Bite Chips Jalapeño Peppers – Salty, Smoky, and Seductive


    This purchase turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. Mrs. Kerr’s chips were well worth the ridiculous price I paid in an overpriced international grocery store, located in a touristy part of Amsterdam. Not sure, but I think these are Danish. My significant other wasn’t that enthusiastic, but still seemed to be enjoying his meal (sandwich + chips): ‘WTF is that? It tastes like pig’s fat. Are these even made of potatoes? These are pork skins!’ What a confused little boy. The smoky, barbecue aroma doesn’t necessarily have to come from a piece of meat, duh.

    BTW, because of the confusing ‘fatty’ aroma, my friends, who I happened to share the chips with (not my favorite thing to do) decided that the chips are most probably a little higher in calories than most of the other chips out there. I had to prove them wrong.

    Bought and eaten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    My rating: 9/10.